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Dott. Giulio Perrotta

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CV - GIULIO PERROTTA (2019-2020)
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Professional Activities:



Psychologist, sp.ed in Psychotherapy, registered on: 

a) "Order of Psychologists of Sicily - Italy" (IT), n. 9175/A (24/01/19);

b) "British Psychological Society" (BPS-UK), n. 494517-MBPsS (22/08/19).


Editorial Board Member

a) "Journal of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation", MeDOA Pub.;

b) "Journal of Neuroscience and Neurological Surgery", Auctores Pub.;

c) "Journal of Addiction Research and Adolescent Behaviour", Auctores Pub.


Forensic Criminologist, s.ed in sectarian cults and security, registered on:

a) "C.C.I.A.A." Verona (Italy), date: 7/01/2017, n. VR-557;

b) "British Society of Criminology" (BCS-UK), date: 13/11/2019, n. 3554.


Director of the Depart. UNIFEDER of Criminal and Investigation Psychology.


Jurist, s.ed in S.S.P.L.









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