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he only way to do a great job is to love what you do; and if you haven't found what's right for you yet, keep looking, don't stop. As with heart matters, you'll know you've found it as soon as you get it in front. So keep searching until you find it (...). Don't be satisfied (...). Be crazy (...).

(Steve Jobs)





The first thematic area of the Platform covers two sections, in the field of professional advice and assistance.


In particular, the SECTION dedicated to CONSULTING / ASSISTANCE / DIAGNOSIS / PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT is the container of the activities of Dr. Giulio Perrotta (registration of the Psychologists of Sicily, n. 9175 / A) through the "Contact Section" it is possible to request a consultation geared to individual needs on 4 possible specific areas:

1) clinical psychology;

2) work and organization psychology;

3) legal psychology and criminological profiles;

4) school and training psychology.


Then, the SECTION dedicated to LEGAL CONSULTANCY is the container that guarantees, in free profession, the services of consultancy, assistance, defense and representation in court of the plaintiff, the defendant, the suspect and the accused. The services are guaranteed by the working group of the Platform. Through a dedicated space, the user can select from a list of professionals, the most suitable subject for his or her problem, view his curriculum vitae et studiorum and the list of subjects covered, in the civil sector (family, marriage, succession, donations, property, obligations, contracts, compensation, liability), criminal, administrative, labor and social security, commercial and bankruptcy, tax and taxation, banking and insurance, health and the environment.

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