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A platform of services and information, structured in a simple and intuitive way to disseminate knowledge and experience, according to 5 main thematic areas:

Professional area. It is the container of technical advice for the psychological area, covered by Dr Giulio Perrotta, for 4 areas: work and organization psychology; clinical psychology; legal psychology and criminological profiles; school psychology and education. Furthermore, the legal advice area is covered by the 22 consultants of the Director.  

Educational and training area. It is the thematic container of the training courses / seminars held by Dr Giulio Perrotta: non-verbal language, persuasive communication and techniques of recognition and neutralization of lies; sectarian criminology; forensic and investigative criminology; criminal and investigative psychology.

Social and relational area. It is the container that collects some of the conferences and interviews of Dr Giulio Perrotta.

Editorial area, reviews and international research. It is the thematic container that lists the editorial works of Dr Giulio Perrotta, published from 2015 to today. Also in this area it is possible to find the list of scientific publications of the Director, from reviews to international research.

Information area. It is the container that collects free links  to 50 newspapers / editorial offices (national and international) and 25 TV / Radio channels, thanks to the 24/24 continuous streaming.




On behalf of the Portal Director, Dr Giulio Perrotta, and the entire work group, enjoy browsing!



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