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All the main news from Italy and the world, even in streaming 24/24 h!



"It is amazing how the number of news events that happen in the world every day are enough to fill exactly the day" (Jerry Seinfeld)





This section aims to offer the reader a good "dose" of news on politics, news, society and customs, economic, law and sport, taken daily by 50 newspapers / editorial offices / journalistic blogs:


a) 24 national newspapers / editorial offices, such as La StampaLa Repubblica, Il Messaggero, Il Fatto Quotidiano, l'AvvenireIl Sole 24 oreIl Corriere della Sera, Il Corriere dello Sport, Lettera 43, Il Giornale, Il Giornale di Sicilia, Il Giornale di Siracusa, Il Secolo XIX, Google News, il Governo, L'altra Pagina,,,,,,,,;


b) l'Agenzia nazionale stampa associata, l'ANSA (ultima ora);


c) 14 international newspapers, such as Le Mond (Francia), The Sun daily (Regno Unito), BBC (Regno Unito), Daily Mail (Regno Unito), Focus (Germania), El Mundo (Spagna), BBC e CNN (Stati Uniti d'America), People's Daily (Cina), The Asian Age (Oriente), The Time of India (India) e La Voce della Russia (Russia), Correio Brazilense (Brasile), Al-Jazirah (Arabia Saudita);


d) 11 newsrooms on the sentences of the Court of Cassation and the Constitutional Court, economics and finance and public competitions.


Furthermore, the editorial staff of the "Navigatore", on the subject of sciences, mysteries and paranormal!


Finally, you can enjoy 25 TV / Radio channels, thanks to the 24/24 continuous streaming, at any time of the day:

1) Rai (generale);

2) Rai 1;

3) Rai 2;

4) Rai 3;

5) Rai 4;

6) Rai 5;

7) Rai sport 1;

8) Rai sport 2;

9) Mediaset (generale);

10) La7 (generale);

11) Mtv;

12) Real Time;

13) D-max;

14) Focus;

15) Cielo;

16) Sky TG 24;

17) BBC News;

18) Radio Capital;

19) Radio RDS;

20) Rasio RTL 102.5;

21) Radio FM Italia;

22) Radio FM Italia (Siracusa);

23) Radio 105;

24) Radio Virgin;

25) Radio Maria.




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